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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Software: Fruity Loops

Have you heard about Fruity Loops?!
If you are totally unfamilliar with the name or think this is a name of a new, genetically manipulated fruit, I will give you a short introduction. Fruity Loops is a powerful and full featured software for make Electronic-Musics with full support of plug-ins!
There is a fact that working with Fruity Loops is an Art such as playing guitar or keyboard. It's too hard to make beauty musics by Fruity Loops but you can make your music as the best!

Within this software you can make your music in any type of style include Rock, Pop, Rap and more...
I'm using Fruity Loops since 4 years and i had made a full album name as "Red Planet". Not bad Album!

You can try latest version at


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