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Friday, October 08, 2004

Reviews: Create, Edit, Effect... Tools

* Product /Manufacturer /Description

Cubase SX /Steinberg Music /Production
Peak 3.1 /BIAS /Editing, Processing, Mastering
Reason 2.0 /Propellerhead /Music Production
Live /Ableton /Sequencing Software
Reason /Propellerhead /Music Production
Gold Native /Waves /DSP
Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V /Steinberg /Music Production
Studio 9000 /Koblo /Music Production
Pluggo /Cycling 74 /DSP
Digital Performer /Mark Of The Unicorn /Music Production
Peak 2.0 /Bias /Music Production
Studio Vision Pro 4.2.1 /Opcode Systems /Music Production
Retro AS-1 /Bitheadz /Music Production
Cubase VST 4.0 /Steinberg /Music Production
SpectraFoo /Metric Halo Laboratories /DSA
D-fx /Digidesign /DSP
Ray Gun /Arboretum /DSP
ReCycle /Propellerhead /Music Production
ToolBox /Digidesign /DSP
Ionizer /Arboretum Systems /DSP
Flex Processor /Cesium Sound /Music Production
Symbolic Composer 4.0 /Analog Music /Music Production
Pro Tools 98 /Digidesign /Music Production
ReBirth RB-338 /Propellerhead /Music Production
Waves Bundle /Waves /DSP
SFX Machine />BIAS /DSP
Music Ace /Harmonic Vision /Education
Computer Music /Digital Studios /Education


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